Surfing is an incredible sport, which could be done by everyone, irrespective of gender, age or even physical level. Surfing is much more than a sport. This links your body, mind and soul. This unwinds you, invigorate your mind, clean up your thoughts and you’ll find peace within.

Surfing is an impressive whole-body exercise. You’ll enhance your sense of balance, flexibility, improve full body power, muscles as well as endurance, you will get faster reaction, and eventually you’ll become stronger and faster.

Surfing gives a lot of enjoyment! Sun, beach, salty water, sun and friends around – so what can give you more happiness?

Surfing With Us

We’re focused on teaching you how you can surf in an enjoyable yet professional way.

Experienced instructors always know the spot where the waves are best having the current conditions, that’s also far from crowds. You will get private instruction, making sure advanced personal instruction. We are specialize in surfing lessons. One more bonus is our photography, that is totally free! You will get digital copies at absolutely no additional charge.

Start time

The start time will depend on the tides to guarantee the very best conditions, thus please plan a little extra time on the day of the surf lessons. The precise start times are available two days ahead of time. We’ll let you know in time once you have done the booking.

Group Surf Lesson


No matter whether you’re thinking about learning how to surf for the once-in-a-lifetime experience or you are a motivated “wanna-be surfer”, the 2-hour beginner introductory lesson is precisely what it takes to know the basic fundamentals of surfing as well as riding waves. This lesson joins you along with other surfers. There’s a maximum of six students for each instructor. *In case you’ve got kids which will be surfing that are younger than 10, we respectfully don’t offer a Group Lesson for safety purposes. We suggest the Private or Semi-Private Lesson. Keep in mind, you’ll be sharing your instructor along with other starter surfers! If you’re searching for more attention we suggest our Private Lesson. When you enjoy surfing along with other beginners and like to meet up with new people, it is the lesson for you!

Private Surf Lesson


Private lessons provide students the ideal chance to benefit from the undivided attention coming from one of our experienced surfing instructors! Take benefit from your time and our many years of teaching experience. Training is centered with a goal to give perfect learning conditions for wannabe individuals. A private lesson will help much taking your surfing one step further, and it also can do magic to improve your wave count!

Surf Camp


Surf Camps are available to everybody and motivated for the eager individual or little groups. Instruction is tailored mainly towards introductory-beginner to advanced-intermediate levels. Every student’s ability and level of experience would be catered to when it comes to suitable guidance and instruction. You are closely watched by one of our hand-picked and trained instructors both in and out of the water for the whole course of the surf camp session. Instructors are patient, mature and skilled experts who really like the things they’re doing. Guests are supplied with all their surfing equipment. Surf Camps grant more time for learners to get in-depth instruction on the field of ocean awareness, swells, tide, currents, waves, and reefs. We assure our camps can be enjoyable, educational and take on your surfing to another level!

Included Services

  • Wetsuit
  • Surfboard
  • Certified Surf Instructor
  • Photos (taken by external photographer – can be bought on site)
  • Shower

Bring along

  • Swimwear & towel
  • Water & snacks
  • T-Shirt
  • Shampoo & Shower Gel
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