Stand Up Paddle Surf

Paddling the first time could be hard, however it doesn’t need to be!

For beginners we offer the best beginner boards and can provide you with an in-depth introductory to Standup Paddleboarding. You’ll learn what’s the most suitable equipment and how you can best get past the break. Our instructors bring you out into tranquil waters and demonstrate the strategies of balancing & paddling technique.

In case you have a few experience, we would like to take you to a higher level! Boosting your power stroke, pivot turns or getting your first wave on the SUP.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding – What’s your level?


Stand Up Paddling is much fun. Know about basic safety, etiquette, as well as the primary techniques. Begin on the flat water, get the sense of balance and off you go. Groups are not so big and personal. Or you may have a private or semi-private lesson. Custom-made lessons enable you to select the start times, and lesson length. A few fitter people might like a lengthier session, not a problem.


SUP on the waves, begin small and have some longer rides. On this level, we’re focusing on timing and turning. The wave does everything once you learn how to get the sweet spot. We’ve got multi-day classes which could cover your entire vacation, or become your regular weekend hobby. With a few practice, you’ll be catching on in no time. We offer you all the gear. Lessons 7 days per week, all year round. Lesson start times are normally 8 am.


Advanced SUP surfing classes also are held at different spots depending on conditions. All instructional classes are by appointment. Weather conditions can differ. You need to call ahead and we schedule depending on the best conditions.

SUP beginner groupcourse

You can find lots of watersports. You can try watersports on the wind, on waves as well as on flat water. In waves or flatwater you can perform stand up paddle surfing. It is easy to learn SUP surfing without the need for past watersport experience. You just need to learn first SUP boarding in flat water.

Lessons you will learn include:

  • Topics related to tides, current and wind.
  • How to handle during an emergency situation.
  • Self rescue.
  • How to get the board safely, considering the current conditions.
  • How to connect your leash to the board and yourself.
  • The proper way to stand up in the board.
  • Prone paddle as well as knee paddling method.
  • Changeover from prone paddling to standing using paddle to begin paddling.
  • Paddle strategy.
  • The way to fall off the board safely and securely.
  • Entry into the water and what to pay attention to.
  • How you can rotate the board.

SUP wave groupcourse

(Advanced paddlers only, maximum three persons for each group)
Are you aware that you’ll get more waves using stand up paddle surfing compared to surfing? With SUP surfing you’ll catch and surf the waves earlier. Your paddle likewise provides you with a great sense of balance. Not just is the improvement of learning stand up paddle boarding quicker compared to regular surfing, but the learning progression of riding waves is as well quicker.

After two or three days of the stand up paddle beginner course the majority of paddlers like to enter in the line up and catch waves. The primary goal in the session is to learn how to enhance your paddling technique and also to ride waves. Throughout the stand up paddle wave surf lesson, we’ll provide you with wave theory and wave practice in the shore as well as in the sea.

Stand Up Paddle Surf Lessons & Trips

This particular activity is suitable for those people who are already comfortable on the paddleboard and want to feel the rush of surfing. All skill levels are allowed however, and the ones joining in lessons will learn the very best strategies for entering and exiting a surf break using a paddleboard; the best paddle techniques for catching waves and manipulating the board, timing as well as the way to read waves. Experienced paddlers are provided a short orientation to the area just before getting into the water and then are asked to ride a few waves.

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