You wish to learn kitesurfing or enhance your skills? Follow our kitesurfing lessons which we’ll adjust to your own level, as you may know everybody is learning in his own pace. That’s why we’ve made all our kite lessons having personal guidance utilizing radio headsets. On our kitesurfing course, we concentrate the training in your progression and in your development.

The start is truly easy. A body funnel links you to the kite as well as your feet into the board’ straps. Through the help of our mother earth (i.e. wind) and little bit of practice, you’ll be sliding above the water. Kitesurfing can provide you with a complete level of sensations: coming from freedom, pleasure to full control. Know, learn and enjoy your kitesurfing holidays.

Lesson plan

90% of kitesurfing is all about kite control. To ensure that you are suited for the winds, here’s our kitesurfing lessons plan:

Step 1: Kite control (~ 6 hours)
Step 2: Body drag (~ 3 hours)
Step 3: Waterstart (~ 6 hours)


It requires about 15 hours to fully stand up in the board and about 30 hours of training to be an independent kiteboarder.

The moment you’ve arrived at the waterstart, you’re over midway there. At this point, you just need to figure out how to control speed, direction, how you can go upwind and turn. And when you master that – then you’re ready to know the most exciting part – the jump.


The 1 day course provides students an extensive introduction to the thrilling world of kitesurfing, towards the end of this first day you’ll be ready to start your kitesurfing journey

Beginning with fundamental kite flying, introducing kites, the way they are rigged, important communication, steering, as well as general kite control prior to progressing into tube (LEI) kites. Going into the water to train powered directional body dragging.


The 2 day course is among the most popular, including all the things a full newbie must know.

Day 1 commences with a few concept and gear familiarization. Right after learning the Trainer Kite, students go into the water to master fundamental kite controls as well as power handling.

On Day 2 we concentrate on teaching independence, we invest most of the day exploring the skills required to shift power into board speed and riding. Showing various boards available, the way to properly size a board prior to practicing board begins. First rides such as extented power delivery with the kite, stopping as well as the way to retrieve your board just after being separated from it.

These two days are packed and progress may differ based on the individual capacity. We’re right here to make sure your progression is both fun and safe having learning objectives made enjoyable and achievable!


In case you’re acquainted with the kiting fundamentals, however you’re not yet ready to get it on your own, we also provide kitesurfing supervision. Requirements are:

  • Relaunch the kite in the water
  • Recover the board in body drag
  • Ride upwind
  • Control your direction

Supervision isn’t a course but a peace of mind if you’re riding alone. An instructor will closely monitor you on your practise. He’ll be there in order to help you launch and land your kite and also help you in case any problems occur when you’re out in the water.

Kite Lesson Requirements

Our lessons require riders to have the minimum weight requirement of eighty pounds. In case you’re below 18-years old, we’ll require a parent or a legal guardian to sign in a waiver. We also teach the students how to run and swim.

No Wind? Not A Problem!

We’ll talk about anything else that you should know about kitesurfing, like wind directions as well as safety, kite setup, and the fundamentals of launching and landing kite and also self rescue

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